Helping Candidates Prepare

The following resources provide information and worksheets to help faculty assess candidates' readiness to test and to assist in guiding their test preparation.

  • New York State Education Department link opens in a new window
  • Links to the NYSED website, which describes the requirements for educator certification in New York State.

  • Guiding Candidate Test Preparation
  • Provides faculty with some strategies for assisting candidates in preparing to take or retake a NYSTCE test.

  • Test Preparation Worksheet links to a PDF
  • Enables candidates and faculty to assess candidate readiness for testing.

  • Preparation/Study Guides
  • Links to the Preparation/Study Guides page that displays test preparation materials for each NYSTCE test. Each preparation/study guide contains information about the test design, sample multiple-choice questions and explanations of correct response, sample written assignments, and sample strong responses to the written assignments.

  • Practice Tests
  • Links to the Practice Tests page where candidates may purchase online practice tests for some NYSTCE tests. These practice tests are designed to simulate the experience of taking a full-length NYSTCE test.

    Institutions: Order practice test vouchers for your candidates links to a PDF

  • CBT Tutorials
  • Links to the Computer-Based Testing Tutorials page where candidates will get a sense of what they will see when they begin their test at a Pearson Professional Center.

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