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New York State Teacher Certification Examinations (NYSTCE)

Helping Candidates Prepare

The following resources provide information and worksheets to help faculty assess candidates' readiness to test and to assist in guiding their test preparation.

  • New York State Education Department link opens in a new window
  • Links to the NYSED website, which describes the requirements for educator certification in New York State.

  • Guiding Candidate Test Preparation
  • Provides faculty with some strategies for assisting candidates in preparing to take or retake a NYSTCE test.

  • Test Preparation Worksheet links to a PDF
  • Enables candidates and faculty to assess candidate readiness for testing.

  • Preparation/Study Guides
  • Links to the Preparation/Study Guides page that displays test preparation materials for each NYSTCE test. Each preparation/study guide contains information about the test design, sample multiple-choice questions and explanations of correct response, sample written assignments, and sample strong responses to the written assignments.

  • Practice Tests
  • Links to the Practice Tests page where candidates may purchase online practice tests for some NYSTCE tests. These practice tests are designed to simulate the experience of taking a full-length NYSTCE test.

    Institutions: Order practice test vouchers for your candidates links to a PDF

  • CBT Tutorials
  • Links to the Computer-Based Testing Tutorials page where candidates will get a sense of what they will see when they begin their test at a Pearson Professional Center.