Understanding Your Test Results

An examinee's performance on a NYSTCE test is evaluated against an established standard. The passing score for each test is established by the New York State Commissioner of Education based on the professional judgments and recommendations of New York State educators and educator preparation program faculty.

The total test score is reported in a specified range and is based on performance on all sections of the test. An examinee's multiple-choice score and scores on any constructed-response assignments are combined to obtain the total test score. An examinee who achieves the minimum passing score or above passes the test. An examinee whose score is below the minimum passing score does not pass the test.

Your pass/fail status is based on your performance on the total test at a single test administration. You cannot combine results on sections of a test across administrations.

The score ranges and minimum passing scores for the NYSTCE tests are as follows:

Test Total Test Score Range Minimum Passing Score
Educating All Students Test
Redeveloped Content Specialty Tests (as they become available)
Revised (Sept. 2013) School Building Leader Part One (107)
Revised (Sept. 2013) School Building Leader Part Two (108)
Revised (May 2019) School Building Leader Part One (109)
Revised (May 2019) School Building Leader Part Two (110)
400–600 520
Elementary ATS–W
Secondary ATS–W
Bilingual Education Assessments
Communication and Quantitative Skills Test
Assessment of Teaching Assistant Skills Test
School District Leader Part One (103)
School District Leader Part Two (104)
School District Business Leader Part One (105)
School District Business Leader Part Two (106)
Safety Net Educational Technology Specialist (971)
100–300 220

About Constructed-Response Assignments

If your test contains one or more constructed-response assignments, you must complete them according to the instructions that are provided on the test. If you do not respond to a constructed-response assignment or if your response is

  • unrelated to the assigned topic or off-task,
  • illegible or inaudible,
  • not in the required language, or
  • lacking a sufficient amount of original work to score,

then that assignment will be reported as unscorable.

Score Report Explanations

How to Read Your Score Report

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Understanding Candidate Score Reports

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