Field 192: Physical Education Content Correlation Table

Published November 2021

Authorized for Distribution by the New York State Education Department

The table below indicates the section or sections of State and National Standards that are addressed fully or in part by each test competency.

NYSTCE® Physical Education

Source Documents

The New York State Physical Education Learning Standards (NYS PE). (2020). New York State Education Department.

National Standards for Initial Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE). (2017). SHAPE America—Society of Health and Physical Educators.

0001: Motor Development and Physical Literacy NYS PE: 1, 3–6
PETE: 1–6
0002: Health-Related Fitness NYS PE: 1, 3, 6
PETE: 1, 2
0003: Movement Concepts, Skills, and Activities NYS PE: 1–5
PETE: 1–4, 6
0004: Mental, Social, and Emotional Health NYS PE: 3–6
PETE: 1–4, 6
0005: Physical Education Instruction and Assessment PETE: 1–6
0006: Pedagogical Content Knowledge PETE: 1–6


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