Field 074: Library Media Specialist Content Correlation Table

Published September 2019

Authorized for Distribution by the New York State Education Department

The table below indicates the section or sections of State, National, and other Professional Standards that are addressed fully or in part by each test competency.

NYSTCE® Library Media Specialist
Test Competencies

Source Documents

New York State Next Generation English Language Arts Learning Standards Grade P-12 (NYSLS). (2017). New York State Education Department.

New York State Education Department School Library Media Program Evaluation rubric (SLMPE)

New York State teacher preparation program requirements for library media specialists (PPR)

Standards for Initial Preparation of School Librarians (ALA). (2010). American Library Association and American Association of School Librarians.

Standards for the 21st-Century Learner. (2007) American Association of School Librarians (AASL).

0001: The School Library Media Program ALA: 1–5
0002: Roles and Responsibilities of the Library Media Specialist ALA: 1, 4, 5
0003: Information, Technology, and Literary Resources AASL: 4
ALA: 1–5
0004: Collection Development and Resource Management ALA 2, 5
0005: Skills for Multiple Literacies AASL: 4
ALA: 1–4
0006: Individual and Collaborative Learning and Inquiry AASL: 1–4
ALA: 1, 3
NYSLS: R7–9; W6–7; SL1–2, 4–5
0007: Social Responsibility and Legal and Ethical Issues AASL: 1, 4
ALA: 3, 5
0008: Administration of the School Library Media Program ALA: 3, 5
0009: Analysis, Synthesis, and Application AASL 1–4
ALA: 1–3


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