Field 003: English Language Arts Content Correlation Table

Published September 2019

Authorized for Distribution by the New York State Education Department

The table below indicates the section or sections of State, National, and other Professional Standards that are addressed fully or in part by each test competency.

NYSTCE® English Language Arts
Test Competencies

Source Documents

Program Standards: Program for Initial Preparation of Teachers of Secondary English Language Arts Grades 7–12. (2003). National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)/National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

New York State Next Generation English Language Arts Learning Standards Grade P–12 (NYSLS). (2017). New York State Education Department.

The New York State Teaching Standards (NYSTS). (2011). New York State Education Department.

0001: Reading Literature NCTE/NCATE: 3
NYSLS: 7R1–9, 8R1–9, 9-10R1–9, 11-12R1–9
0002: Reading Informational Text NCTE/NCATE: 3
NYSLS: 7R1–9, 8R1–9, 9-10R1–9-10,11-12R1–9
0003: Writing Arguments NYSLS: 7W1, 8W1, 9-10W1, 11-12W1
0004: Writing Informative and Explanatory Texts NCTE/NCATE: 3
NYSLS: 7W2, 7W5, 8W2, 8W5, 9-10W2, 9-10W5, 11-12W2, 11-12W5
0005: Writing Narratives NCTE/NCATE: 3
NYSLS: 7W3–4 , 8W3–4, 9-10W3–4, 11-12W3–4
0006: Researching to Build and Present Knowledge NCTE/NCATE: 3
NYSLS: 7W6–7, 8W6–7, 9-10W6–7, 11-12W6–7
0007: Speaking and Listening NCTE/NCATE: 3
NYSLS: 7SL1–6, 8SL1–6, 9-10SL1–6, 11-12SL1–6
0008: Language NCTE/NCATE: 3
NYSLS: Anchor Standard L1–2, 7L3–6, 8L3–6, 9-10L3–6, 11-12L3–6
0009: Pedagogical Content Knowledge NYSLS: 7R1–9, 8R1–9, 9-10R1–9, 11-12R1–9


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