NYSTCE Practice Tests

Online practice tests are available for some NYSTCE test fields. These practice tests are designed to simulate the experience of taking a full-length NYSTCE test. As official NYSTCE test preparation materials, all components of the NYSTCE practice tests, including test questions, constructed-response assignments, and test directions, are similar to those that appear on actual NYSTCE test forms.

Each Practice Test Includes:

The fee for each online practice test is $29.95.

How Do I Take an Online Practice Test?

  1. Visit the NYSTCE Practice Tests page. A free sample practice test is available for review before purchasing a test.
  2. Purchase the practice test of your choice by following the instructions. You may also purchase practice tests for others to access.
  3. Take the practice test at your convenience. You may do so immediately after purchasing the test, or return to the NYSTCE Practice Tests page at a later time to take the test.

After you have purchased a practice test, you will have 30 days to access and complete it.

While you are testing, you may pause the test and return to it later if you wish; you do not have to finish the test in a single session. Once completed, the practice test is scored, offering instant results. The immediate score reporting includes results to the multiple-choice questions at the subarea and objective/competency levels, and enables you to review each test question along with the correct response.

Practice tests with a written assignment also include a sample response(s) to the assignment. You can compare your response to the sample response(s) to gauge your performance.

The practice tests have been made available based on candidate request. Candidates who want additional practice beyond the sample items in the preparation/study guides may wish to purchase a practice test.