Preparing for the Tests

Test Frameworks

Studying the test framework, which contains the entire set of test objectives for your test field, is the first step in preparing to take the NYSTCE. Test frameworks can be viewed or downloaded (at no charge) by selecting "Prepare."

Preparation/Study Guides

More information about the NYSTCE can be obtained from the preparation/study guides. Each preparation/study guide contains information about the test, test objectives, and sample test questions. Preparation/Study guides can be viewed or downloaded (at no charge) by selecting "Prepare."

CBT Tutorials

These tutorials can give you a sense of what you will see when you begin your test at a computer-based test center. The tutorials are available by selecting "Prepare."

Practice Tests

Online practice tests are available for some NYSTCE test fields. The practice tests are designed to simulate the experience of taking a full-length NYSTCE test. As official NYSTCE test preparation materials, all components of the NYSTCE practice tests, including test questions, constructed-response assignments, and test directions, are similar to those that appear on actual NYSTCE test forms. Practice test questions may include illustrations, audio materials, and written assignments, as appropriate. A score report with detailed information about your performance is provided upon completion of the test.

The fee for each online practice test is $20.00. To purchase a test, select "Prepare" on the NYSTCE website.