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Field 071: Educational Technology Specialist

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Sample Selected-Response Questions

Competency 0001
Technology Concepts and Operations

1. Which statement accurately describes a significant advantage of using cloud computing technology in a school district?

  1. Subscribing to a cloud server is often a cost-effective way to access a wide range of software programs that support student learning.
  2. Retrieving information from a cloud server is a more user-friendly process than retrieving information from a server on a local area network (LAN).
  3. Providing students with remote access to instructional materials promotes development of students' independent learning skills.
  4. Storing school data and student files on a cloud server protects confidentiality by preventing unauthorized users from accessing information.
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Correct Response: A. This question requires the examinee to analyze characteristics, capabilities, and limitations of current and emerging technology resources. Subscribing to a cloud server is generally a cost-effective way for a school district to gain access to a wide range of software programs that support student learning. Purchasing software programs individually would be much more costly than subscribing to a cloud server.

Competency 0002
Digital-Age Work and Learning

2. Use the image below to answer the question that follows.

Three concentric circles. Inmost circle labeled 30, next circle out is labeled 20, and the largest circle out is labeled 10.

A student is designing a marketing brochure that promotes a company's ability to "hit the target market every time" and uses a graphic design program to create the image shown. The student draws one circle on top of the other, but becomes frustrated because although she is able to make the circles the correct size, she is unable to center them correctly. Every time this happens she needs to delete the image and begin again. In this situation, the student would benefit most from a greater understanding of which technique?

  1. cropping images
  2. using masks
  3. enlarging images
  4. creating layers
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Correct Response: D. This question requires the examinee to demonstrate knowledge of uses and advanced features of graphic design to develop professional products that support learning. Many graphics software applications allow users to create layers, which involves superimposing digital images on one another. Each layer can be positioned and edited separately without affecting the other layers. By creating a separate layer for each circle in the image, the student would be able to alter the position of one circle without affecting the position of the other circles.

Competency 0003
Digital Citizenry and Responsibility

3. Students at a middle school are starting to use social media to communicate with one another and their teachers about lessons, homework, and collaborative projects. Which set of guidelines for teachers and students would most effectively promote students' safety while encouraging creative use of the online space?

  1. 1. The online space is part of a well-known social media platform.
    2. Students peer-govern online behavior.
    3. Students have freedom of speech and expression.
  2. 1. The online space is private and password protected.
    2. Students learn and observe basic netiquette and clear rules for conduct.
    3. A teacher or classroom aide may moderate student posts.
  3. 1. The online space is on the school intranet, accessible only through school computers.
    2. Students are required to report misuse of the site by other students.
    3. Teachers do the majority of the posting.
  4. 1. The online space is on a Web site with the meta-tag 'no robot, no follow.'
    2. Students' questions and comments are moderated by a teacher.
    3. Parents/guardians have read-only access to the site.
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Correct Response: B. This question requires the examinee to apply methods to promote digital etiquette and responsible social interaction among individuals using technology and information resources. Password protection would effectively promote students' safety by restricting use of the site to authorized members of the school community. By learning and observing clear rules for conduct, including basic netiquette rules, students can become independent, responsible users of social media. To ensure that students observe the rules of conduct and use the social networking site for its intended educational purpose, teachers and/or classroom aides would moderate students' posts.

Competency 0004
Digital-Age Learning Environments and Experiences

4. An educational technology specialist working with middle school science teachers suggests that simulation software would be useful for introducing science topics to students. The specialist recommends several age-appropriate, graphic-rich simulation applications on topics related to biology, astronomy, thermodynamics, energy and momentum, and electricity and magnetism. A primary benefit of using interactive simulations such as those described is that they typically

  1. provide instant feedback that helps promote the academic achievement of students of diverse abilities and needs
  2. give students the opportunity to explore key concepts and issues in authentic contexts and help foster students' motivation to learn more about science subjects
  3. offer a safer and more economical way for students to participate in small-group science projects, laboratory experiences, and other classroom learning activities
  4. offer students the choice between independent learning at their own pace and working in collaborative teams to solve realistic problems
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Correct Response: B. This question requires the examinee to demonstrate knowledge of software used in classroom and administrative settings (e.g., computer-based instruction, evaluation/portfolio, classroom management). Interactive simulations are an effective way to introduce science topics to middle school students. Presenting students with new information in authentic contexts provides students with background knowledge that will help them gain a deeper understanding of science topics. Because they appeal to multiple senses and learning preferences, graphic-rich simulations may be more effective than lectures or textbooks for stimulating middle school students' curiosity and motivation to learn.

Competency 0005
Facilitating and Assessing Student Learning

5. Teachers at a middle school are exploring the idea of using Web-based assessment programs to help decrease the time they spend grading and increase the time they spend actively engaging with students. The educational technology specialist investigates and reports on several online assessment resources that offer teachers ready-made tests, as well as the option to design or customize their own tests. Students can take these tests online. The tests are graded by the online software, and the results are delivered on a password-protected site or via e-mail. Which concept related to Web-based assessment would be most important for the educational technology specialist to communicate to teachers?

  1. While many students are more tech-savvy than their teachers, they may not know how to apply their technology skills in a formal learning context, so they may need to learn and practice skills needed for Web-based assessment.
  2. Because of their familiarity with electronic game patterns, many students can recognize testing patterns and may be able to achieve a good score on a Web-based assessment in spite of their limited command of material being tested.
  3. While Web-based assessments can measure students' mastery of content or skills, they cannot provide students with the insight needed to monitor their own progress, so teachers will still need to administer formative assessments.
  4. Because many students use computers primarily for entertainment, they may take the Web-based assessment process less seriously than they should, so teachers must ensure that students treat all assessments with equal seriousness.
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Correct Response: A. This question requires the examinee to demonstrate knowledge of the effective use of technology tools and resources to systematically collect and analyze student achievement data, interpret results, and communicate findings to maximize student learning. Online assessments may require students to use unfamiliar features such as drag-and-drop. Before administering an online test, teachers should make sure that students have learned and practiced the skills they will need when taking the test. If students lack these technology-related skills, online assessment results will not accurately reflect students' content knowledge and skills.

Competency 0006
Technology Leadership and Resource Management

6. During a professional development seminar, an educational technology specialist introduces teachers to a new instructional technology and describes its advantages and limitations. The specialist guides the teachers through several activities to familiarize them with the technology and then leads a brainstorming session on how they can integrate the technology into classroom instruction. The specialist then asks teachers to try out the technology in their classrooms. The specialist would like to enhance the effectiveness of these professional development efforts. Which strategy would be most effective for the educational technology specialist to use to provide teachers with ongoing support?

  1. referring the teachers to an online tutorial developed by the educational technology specialist in collaboration with several teachers who have already started using the technology in their classrooms
  2. creating a social media group where the teachers can exchange information about how they are using the technology in their classrooms and receive assistance from the educational technology specialist
  3. asking the teachers to provide the educational technology specialist with feedback on the seminar and to offer suggestions for future professional development training in instructional technology
  4. encouraging the teachers to subscribe to the educational technology specialist's blog, where the specialist regularly posts helpful advice and links related to the instructional use of technology
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Correct Response: B. This question requires the examinee to demonstrate knowledge of issues related to developing effective professional development programs and evaluating their effect on instructional practice and student learning. A social media group would be a convenient and beneficial way for teachers to exchange ideas and information on an as-needed basis, with posts to the site serving as a valuable resource. In addition, individual teachers could post questions for the educational technology specialist and answers would be shared with all users of the site.